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Cadmium pigments

CADMIUM PIGMENTS from James M. Brown Ltd distributed by Colorant Corea are produced in high temperature process. It has a very stable chemical structure and is generally not soluble in organic media, therefore not subject to bleeding or migration problems.

JMB cadmium pigments are supplied in a wide spectrum of colors ranging from yellow, orange, red, and maroon. They can cater to diverse customer needs. Moreover, all products undergo a calcination process and therefore provide outstanding heat stability, light fast- ness, and chemical resistance.

It produces only a small amount of cadmium, which is less than 0.001%, and complies with the Council of Europe Resolution AP 89(1) as well as the European Union's EN 71-3, the elution test standard for finished toys.

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  • Surface Coatings

    High heat resistantance coating and industrial coatings where heat, weather and chemical resistance are required, and so on.

  • Ceramics

    Ceramics including steel and cast iron and glass enamels that requireheat resistance.

  • Plastics

    Compatible with all resins, including engineering polymers.

  • Artists’ Colors

    High-quality oil paint, water-soluble products and acrylic paint, including pastels.

Technical Data

Color Index of Cadmium Pigments

Masstone, 1:8 in Titanium Dioxide

Lead Chromate Pigments

Lead Chromate Pigment

Lead Chromate Pigments are made up of mineral compounds and are naturally occurring colored substances.
They are superior resistance to sunlight, chemicals, temperatures and abrasion. They have s Strong durability and longevity as well as Non-migratory and non-warping.

These are lower cost but color less bright and pure as compared to organic pigments .

This substance is used in printing inks, paints , plastic , rubber and paper.

Lead Chromate Pigments – Specification