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Aluminum Paste Pigments

Aluminum Paste Leafing Type

In flake, thin coating of fatty acid being coated on surface of aluminum particle, leafing film is evenly formed, during painting, on the surface to be painted, which makes silver-white elegant gloss. Aluminum Paste pigment, having characteristic of anticorrosive power and heat reflection, is widely used for exterior material of vessel, tank and steel structure where heat insulation, cold insulation, heat reflection and anti-corrosiveness is required.

Metallic appearance of elegant silver is applied to synthetic resin and synthetic fiber thanks to high chroma, brightness and thermal stability by even surface of particle, and it is widely used for various industrial fields in addition to building interior & exterior material which can give metal feeling, molded article for injection and electric & electronic devices.

Aluminum Paste Non Leafing Type

Being the one that silver and metal gloss is improved, it has characteristic of high hiding power, compared with size of particle. Aluminum Paste pigment is generally used for the part where subdued gloss is required, like car, helmet, home appliances and audio device. And especially when high gloss is added by special method, it is used for car and high-quality metallic painting.

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Main Purpose for Use

  • Wheel

    Protective exterior material for anti-corrosiveness, water proofing and heat insulation

  • Vessel

    Protection, Anti-corrosiveness for bottom of vessel, Water proof exterior material

  • Structure

    Anti-corrosive protection, protection from seawater and emulsified gas

  • High temperature device

    Heat insulation, protection against heat, heat resistance

  • Concrete

    Protection of weathering, water proofing

  • Printing

    Silver effect, water proofing, heat insulation, high quality exterior material

  • Optics

    Screen reflection, factory lighting Injection and specialization : Plastic, hammer tone, metallic painting

Leafing Type - Specification

M : Mineral Spirit, N : Solvent Naphtha, NP : Naphtha(petroleum), P : Paraffin oil

Non Leafing Type - Specification

M : Mineral Spirit, N : Solvent Naphtha, NP : Naphtha(petroleum), P : Paraffin oil

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